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What do I need to do to transfer regions?
Last Updated 3 years ago

A Transfer Controller should use the Change Region procedure located under myVATSIM, TRANSFER REQUESTS CAN BE REJECTED!

  • A Transfer Controller is required to first consolidate their current rating by satisfactorily performing online for at least 50 hours at their current rating, and in the Division where the rating was granted. A rating not consolidated may not be transferred.
  • In addition to the consolidation requirement detailed in 1.3, a Transfer Controller must wait 90 days after any rating change (promotion) and from any previous Region transfer, before any further Region transfer will be considered. A Transfer Controller should take this into account when submitting a Change Region request. The 90 day period applies only after using the Change Region procedure and does not apply to the initial Region deployment made by a member during registration with VATSIM. This provision shall apply to a Pilot / Observer rated member, after their initial Region / Division selection.
  • A Transfer Controller must demonstrate a standard equal to the local requirements for their current ATC rating, and may be required to undertake an appropriate local competency check.
  • A Transfer Controller having satisfactorily passed a local competency check, or having been accepted as being competent, shall thereafter have the same rights and privileges as local members of the same rating.
  • Where a Transfer Controller has not yet satisfactorily passed a local competency check in accordance with his or her rating, the local jurisdiction may impose an appropriate restriction until such time that the Transfer Controller is able to demonstrate full competency. If at any stage a Transfer Controller does not accept the proposed local induction plan, or the Transfer Controller does not attain full competency within 90 days of the transfer, then the transfer will become void and the Region Director will arrange to transfer the member back to their previous Region without any loss of ATC rating.

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